Release Generational Trauma and Forge a Brighter Future for Your Family








honor the gifts of your ancestral lineage while finally moving on from your inherited family patterns and wounds

The Integrated Ancestral Healing Program uses a collaborative approach that weaves together ancient teachings with emerging quantum science and energy practices so that you get exactly what you need for your unique situation.

create a safer and more abundant future for yourself and your loved ones

Integrated Ancestral Healing can help break destructive family patterns, like addiction, poverty, and mental illness.  It can open up new possibilities for the future.


Three skilled energy practitioners work harmoniously together to deliver exponential results.  We bring the right practices, pace, and support for your circumstances.

Enjoy deep and lasting healing that creates new possibilities for you, your loved ones, and future generations.

The Integrated Ancestral Healing Program has three distinct phases:


Build a strong foundation for a profound yet gentle experience


Transform negative family patterns and activate your highest potential


Incorporate practical change with this often-overlooked step





The Integrated Ancestral Healing Program begins with one person; an individual who serves as the conduit for healing or the cycle-breaker for the family.

Working on an individual level prior to the ancestral healing creates a strong foundation and is the key to achieving better overall results.  

The Preparation Phase includes:

  • Genogram discovery
  • 4 energy healing sessions
  • Improved grounding and stability
  • Optimized mental and physical health
  • Unexpected opportunities and synchronicities
  • Clearing of disruptive ancestral frequencies and trauma from the body and biofield
  • An intake session to tell the story of your lineage and explore how it impacts your life


Utilizing practices from more than 30 modalities, ancestral healing uncovers and clears ancestral wounds from the energy field that connects the generations.

Wisdom from the family patterns is retrieved and higher frequencies are activated to create new growth opportunities for peace and prosperity.

Outcomes often include:

  • Repaired relationships
  • Greater family cohesion
  • Enhanced career success
  • Positive behavior changes
  • An easier and more fulfilling life
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Clarity on the family's collective purpose and ancestral gifts


After the ancestral healing session, we will continue to work with you to integrate the healing into your life in a practical and meaningful way.

Integration includes:

  • 3 Integration Sessions
  • 1 Energy Healing Session
  • Recognition and continued release of family patterns
  • Recommendations to assimilate the healing into your life
  • Celebrating your hard work and the gifts of your ancestors
  • Verbally processing the information and emotions that arise from the healing
  • Safe, sacred, non-judgemental support as you respond to the changes that unfold

repair relationships and improve family cohesion

You can have a positive impact on individual family members and your family as a whole with Integrated Ancestral Healing.



Katryn, Sandra, and Kristin have been joyfully collaborating on energy healing projects since 2021. 

We are mothers, daughters, and partners who are passionate about carving out a better future for our children, ourselves, our families, and the whole of humanity. 

Together, we bring more than 65 years of experience in over 30 healing modalities to deliver powerful healing, meaningful change, and new possibilities for a radiant future.


Medical Intuitive, Archetypal Healer, Sacred Contracts, Sacred Geometry and Ley Line Healer, Personal/Family Patternist with Enneagram and Gene Keys, Medium


Grounding & Integration Specialist, Spiritual Mentor, Mindset Coach, Relationship Coach, Ancestral Healing, Energy Medicine, and Property Clearing


Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Soul Contracts, Intuition Medicine®, Reconnective Healing®, Ancestral Medicine, Property Clearing




In addition to the ancestral healing expertise brought by Katryn, Sandra, and Kristin, you'll also have access to other trusted energy practitioners who have been working with them for years. 

Their specialties include Psychic Mediumship, Astrology, Gene Keys, Genealogy, Forgiveness, Quantum Healing, Crystals, and Psychedelic Consulting.



discover and align with your life purpose

Find clarity and direction as you discover and align with your collective family mission and your individual life purpose.




A family business was struggling as the second generation assumed full leadership.  They were experiencing in-fighting, a loss of cohesion and vision, and repeated family tragedies.

One member of the family acted as the conduit for ancestral healing.  Their journey kicked off when she participated in several energy healing sessions, and learned how to self-heal through coaching and mentorship.

When she and her family felt ready, several ancestral healing sessions were conducted.  During these sessions, outside forces were cleared, ancestors were able to make their final transition, repeated family patterns were acknowledged and removed, and their lineage was renewed with a fresh, vibrant energy.

The results were instantaneous.  Physical and mental health improved for family members across three generations.  Family relationships were also improved and they have gone on to enjoy many family gatherings and celebrations. 

The family business was infused with new, innovative ideas that are being implemented with ease and success.

Extended family members are also pursuing energy healing and learning how to enrich their lives through spiritual practices.




After losing a family member to an overdose, this beautiful family struggled with grief.  Physical ailments became a part of daily life, with little relief from Western medicine.

Three members of the family began their ancestral healing journey with individual healing sessions.  They were gentle sessions at a pace that allowed for integration and contemplation.

After several months, an ancestral healing session was conducted.  Repeated wounds experienced by ancestors 2, 3, and 4 generations back were identified and the healing process began.  Outside forces were also cleared.  In addition, connections to the land where their ancestors lived were also cleared, and in some cases, removed. 

Through ancestral healing, physical ailments in one of the family members improved without the need for surgery.   All family members now recover faster and with more ease when challenges are faced.

Today, the family continues on their healing journey with clarity and direction.  Through a trusted psychic medium, they communicate with their deceased relative and find solace in their interactions.  They also have healing goals set that they are achieving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrated Ancestral Healing?

Integrated Ancestral Healing (IAH) is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on addressing intergenerational trauma, patterns, and wounds within the family lineage. It combines various spiritual practices, energy medicine modalities, and quantum science to release negative information, frequencies, and vibrations from the collective energy field and the bodies and biofields of living family members.

How does Integrated Ancestral Healing work?

Integrating Ancestral Healing takes place in the energy field that connects all family members as well as in the bodies, biofields, and the lives of living relatives.

In the energy field, we use both modern and ancient spiritual practices to view and clear all interferences and vibrations that are no longer needed and activate information and frequencies to achieve everyone's highest potential.

We also work with an individual, who serves as the conduit to healing, to heal the energy in their body and biofield and to integrate change into their lives gently and easily, which will ripple out to their loved ones.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of participating in Integrated Ancestral Healing, including:

  • Better physical and mental health
  • Enhanced relationships with family members
  • Improved emotional well-being and resilience
  • Healing from the effects of generational trauma
  • Releasing family patterns for  future generations
  • Strengthened connection with ancestral wisdom
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of familial patterns

Is IAH spiritually or culturally specific?

Integrated Ancestral Healing honors diverse spiritual and cultural traditions while providing a framework that can be adapted to individual beliefs and backgrounds. Our approach respects the unique cultural heritage and spiritual practices of each participant while offering tools and practices that are accessible and inclusive.  IAH also integrates techniques based in quantum science.

How long is the IAH program?

The Integrated Ancestral Healing program takes about 3 months to complete, with ~1 month for each phase.  This timeline can be extended depending on the participant's needs.

The healing will also continue for months after the last live session.  IAH is an activation of continuous healing and self-discovery.  Extra support after the program is always available.

Will my family members feel the effects of IAH?

Typically, family members do notice changes in their lives after the IAH sessions.  They can include things like "strange coincidences", unexpected events or opportunities, being contacted by relatives they haven't heard from in a while, feeling lighter, and improvements to physical and mental health, among others.

All changes from the IAH programs intended to be for the highest good of all and with harm to none.  Change can be hard, but the results of the IAH are in the service of healing and positive transformation.

Can other family members participate in the program?

Yes!  If you would like to add healing and integration sessions for family members, we can craft a package to suit your family's unique needs.

Is Integrated Ancestral Healing confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is paramount in Integrated Ancestral Healing. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and insights in a safe and non-judgmental space, knowing that their privacy will be respected. We adhere to professional ethics and guidelines to maintain confidentiality and uphold the trust of participants.

What is the format of the sessions?

Integrated Ancestral Healing sessions are all online.  There are 3 formats that are used for each phase:

  • Phase 1 (Preparation) sessions are conducted with 1 practitioner per session.  The sessions can be live on Zoom or as a "Silent Session", where the healing is done in the background. 
  • Phase 2 (Ancestral Healing) is a Silent Session that is conducted with all 3 practitioners working together.  Documentation is provided to communicate the results. 
  • Phase 3 (Integration) includes live, online sessions with 1 practitioner per session.

We strive to accommodate diverse preferences and accessibility needs to ensure that participants can engage in the program in a way that feels comfortable and convenient.

How do I know if IAH is right for me?

Integrated Ancestral Healing may be right for you if you resonate with the idea of exploring your ancestral lineage, healing intergenerational wounds, and deepening your connection with your ancestors. If you're curious about how your family history impacts your life and are open to engaging in introspective and transformative practices, this program could be a valuable opportunity for growth and healing.

What makes the IAH program different from other ancestral programs?

Two unique components make the IAH program different from other ancestral healing experiences. 

The first is the focus on the Preparation and Integration phases.  The Preparation phase gently activates the healing.  This builds a foundation for a more powerful outcome during Phase 2. It's like warming up before you exercise to prevent injury and optimize performance.

Integration is equally important and is often overlooked.  Weaving the changes that unfold into the daily lives of family members ensures that the transformation lasts and achieves its highest potential.  Integration is like stretching after exercise (another often-overlooked activity) to prevent unnecessary discomfort and take full advantage of the work.

Second, the practitioners can draw from more than 30 healing modalities depending on the needs of the family.  Ancestral healing is not a "one size fits all" experience.  We also work with trusted practitioners who specialize in important techniques to make sure that you have access to everything that you need.  Customizing the practices for each unique situation allows us to achieve deeper results.

stop the daily pain of your inherited generational trauma

It's time to let go of the inherited struggles that are holding you back and experience true freedom with Integrated Ancestral Healing.